The L.I.S.T. Academy
Assisting Our Young Adults in their Quest to Soar
 The  L.I.S.T. Academy

The L.I.S.T. Academy is a 10 months 40 weeks program designed to assist young people between the ages of 18 and 22 who have aged-out of the Foster Care System.
L.I.S.T. :
Life Instructions Skills Training
through education and exposure the program aides young people in their transition from the foster care system to a successful independence as young adults.

The L.I.S.T. Academy’s target audiences are those young people who realize the need for and seek the guidance given to them by The L.I.S.T. Academy Program System.

Students receive instruction in Basic Life Skills as well as preparation to secure a high school diploma (when needed). Entrance into a college or technical school, preparation for the workplace  and exposure to the  habits which can be found in successful young adult are encouraged in our students.
The program is designed to support each student while making the transition from dependency to independence through an intensified prescribed course of studies and interactions. This transformation occurs with the assistance of the director, teaching staff, assigned mentors, volunteers and community participants. We believe "it takes a village" to care for our young people. It is with solid tools with which our students  will be prepared,  that  leads to success.

The academy encourage our students to face their individual huddles, set goals, challenge their abilities, discover their individual talents and prepare them to reach their highest
It is through the recognition of the need for assistance, development of positive attitudes, introspection, positive influences and character development that students begin to realize their untapped potential and abilities.

It is to these commitments that The L.I.S.T. Academy  works to provide each student with the tools that leads to a productive, educational, social and community life.
For many who have faced years in the foster care system The L.I.S.T. Academy may offer these students their opportunities to correct missed educational opportunities and social development.

It is to these goals that The L.I.S.T. Academy  works to provide each student with the tools that lead to success.

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